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Do you wake up with sore muscles every day?

Do you take excessive amounts of pain relievers like ibuprofen or aspirin just to make it through the day?

Do you have to avoid activities that you enjoy?


Statins are among today’s most widely prescribed medications. Although statins can lower cholesterol levels and improve heart health extending the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, what many users of statins don’t realize is that there are statin side effects that can be debilitating at worst and annoying at best.


Don't accept it as a way of life that you're getting older and you should be having soreness. Getting older doesn't mean constant soreness and pain. Many time these aches and pains come on because of the nutrient depletion caused by statin drugs.


Many people fall into the "I'm just getting old" syndrome. Their doctor tells them that they have high cholesterol. They start exercising and get sore or gradually develop soreness over an extended period and just accept it as normal aging. It may not be normal aging. They never associate this slow progression of pain with their statin drugs. Numerous studies have shown how statin drugs can cause these pains. These pains are even listed by the drug manufacturers as known side effects. Since the progression may be subtle, many people never put together the association with their statin drugs.


Common Statin Side Effects

Muscle Pain

Muscle Cramping

Joint Pain

Mental lapse memory loss


StatinHelp Ingredients

StatinHelp was specifically formulated to aid in replacement of the nutrients that your body may be losing due to statin drugs. The doctor recommended supplements included are:


Vitamin D

Coenzyme Q10

Vitamin B12


Vitamin B6

Folic Acid



Vitamin C


StatinHelp combines these ingredients in a single supplement that combines high value pricing for necessary nutrients with the ease of a single product. For more details on the benefits these nutrients please visit our ingredients page. For even more information, we've listed studies on our statin side effects page for additional background information.


Amazon Fulfillment and Guarantee

StatinHelp is distributed through Amazon Fulfillment with a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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